Eva Peña

“What drew me to GSB is its passion to provide students with a nurturing and rigorous education. I am excited to introduce science concepts with real-world applications that are present on our flourishing campus, to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the natural world. I look forward to growing with this community and contributing to GSB’s continued success.”

Middle School Science Teacher

B.S. in Biological Oceanography, Rutgers State University; M.A. in Teaching Science Education, Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellowship, Montclair State University

National Geographic Educator

Bergenfield, NJ

“Isaac Newton said, ‘What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean.’ This quote embodies my teaching philosophy. I constantly remind students to be curious about the world around them and always continue learning. I see myself as a successful educator when I create possibilities where my students are eager to learn more about scientific topics that challenge them to think critically. I encourage them to see the complexity of various issues and be open to how much more there is to learn.”

An environmental scientist, Eva conducted research in biological oceanography before coming to GSB. This work taught her the value of connecting education with scientific advancements occurring locally and around the world. Those years taught Eva the importance of analyzing data to generate conclusions and form ideas. Today she applies her scientific expertise in her science classroom, as her students learn to break down information and develop their own evidence-based conclusions. Her pupils apply higher-level thinking to solve real-world scientific investigations.

In partnership with National Geographic and Montclair State University, Eva learned how to embed local flora and fauna into curricula. This enriches her teaching and makes her lessons more impactful. At GSB, Eva forged global connections to broaden her science classes. Through the National Geographic Educator-Explorer Exchange Program, a hydrology and aquatic scientist from Kenya will provide instruction to her fifth graders.

“GSB has figured out how to create the right balance of creating a nurturing and challenging environment. This academic community fully prepares its students for their future.”