GSB Upper School Faculty

Christine Chan

Upper School History Teacher
10th Grade Dean
International Student Advisor

“Your future is what you make of it. If you have ambition, you will be successful no matter what you do. The key is to choose something you are passionate about."

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GSB Lower School Faculty

Jill Fedon

Lower School Dean of Student Life
Early Childhood Music Teacher

“I chose to work at Gill St. Bernard's because music education and performing arts are such a valued part of the experience. Every student in the Lower School performs and feels comfortable sharing what they've learned on stage."

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Tracey Mueller

Upper School
Assistant Librarian

“I believe that learning is a process that continues throughout life. The seeds that we plant every day represent our dreams and the dreams of others, taking root."

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Frank Corrado

Frank Corrado

Middle School
Math Teacher

“Happy kids learn more. Even if a student doesn't love a particular subject, if they enjoy being in the classroom and if they like the people they are with, they'll be engaged and want to do well."

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Brendan Flanagan

Upper School
English Teacher

“What impresses me most about our students is their willingness to take risks, whether by voicing their thoughts in a class discussion or trying something new on a project. Their desire to put themselves out there is truly inspiring."

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Ned Lincoln

Home Winds
Farm Manager

“Home Winds is an absolute treasure, a magnificent property. All the people I work with are passionate about what they do, have a good sense of humor, and are kind.”


Lynn Prosen

Lower School
Science Teacher

“Children are curious beings. They are constantly asking questions about the natural world and trying to make sense of it. That is what science is about. Teaching science is guiding curiosity."

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Monique Brown

Middle School
World Language

“I believe in teaching the individual. Each child will have his or her own experiences and accomplishments, and I love being a part of that process.”


Mary Tuohy

Lower School
Second Grade Teacher

“As we learn together, I love all the ‘Aha’ moments, the laughter, and the fun. Every day is different; every day I can make a difference.”


Kathleen Conte

Lower School
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

“Children are a special gift in our lives. I cherish every moment I am with my students, and I cherish all they give me in return.”

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Emily Caspersen

Middle School

“What attracted me to GSB is its feeling of warmth and balance. I toured many secondary schools with my four children, and Gill's sense of community truly stands out. When you walk around campus, students look engaged and happy.”

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Sarah Schultz

Lower School
Third Grade Teacher

“When I first visited GSB, I was immediately impressed by the community focus within the Lower School, but also through the outreach and service projects across all three divisions.”

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Jill Stropoli

Upper School

“I was attracted to GSB because of my experience with my own children. I see the value of an education within an independent school setting. Forming a connection with my students, and getting to know them in a small class, is ideal.”


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