COVID-19 Testing

GSB has partnered with Mirimus Labs to conduct weekly testing. The testing is non-invasive and saliva-based. All students who will be on campus need to participate, and all school employees will also be tested. Mirimus Labs meets our criteria to reliably conduct the testing with a high degree of accuracy and rapid turnaround. Many of our peer schools have demonstrated that pooled testing is an effective way to receive accurate information, which will help limit the spread of the virus. 

Gill St. Bernard’s School Covid-19 Testing Results

Collection Date
Total Number of
Tests Administered
Number of
Potentially Positive Pairs
November 18, 2020 662 1
December 2, 2020 664 2
December 9, 2020 677 1
January 4, 2021 671 8
January 13, 2021 667 2
January 20, 2021 673 3
January 27, 2021 644 5
February 8, 2021 635 0
February 17, 2021 659 3
February 24, 2021 657 5
March 3, 2021 661 0
March 29, 2021 664 2
April 6, 2021 693 1
April 14, 2021 661 2
April 21, 2021 635 1
April 28, 2021 521 0
May 12, 2021 503 0
May 26, 2021 458 0
June 2, 2021 297 0

Please note: testing chart will be updated upon receipt of results from Mirimus Labs. As we work with families, there are additional cases that surface outside the school’s weekly pool testing; we also respond to those cases in accordance to our health and safety protocols.

See more information on CDC’s interim guidance on pooled testing and also how Mirimus Labs conducts pooled testing. The testing is confidential and done in compliance with HIPAA laws.

This measure is intended to support our current protocols and will in no way replace or otherwise change them. As we have already indicated, we ask members of the school community to practice these behaviors even when they are not on campus. They include avoiding large gatherings and wearing face masks, to further lessen the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Testing began on November 20th, and it will take place on a weekly basis moving forward. Students who do not participate in this testing, or do not provide a negative test result from a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within 48 hours of the saliva sample collection date will not be permitted to attend in-person classes and extracurriculars and will need to transition to distance learning. 

Please see the below chart for testing dates and campus access (for individuals currently in the testing cycle). 

Note: Students who are participating in the Mirimus test for the first time or returning to the Mirimus testing cycle will not be allowed to return to in person learning until the test results have been reported back to the school. This will be addressed by the nurses on an individual basis.   

Week/Period Test Distribution Day Test Collection Day Campus Access
Week of 4/5 Monday, 4/5 and Tuesday, 4/6 Wednesday, 4/7 4/12 – 4/16
Week of 4/12 Monday, 4/12 and Tuesday, 4/13 Wednesday, 4/14 4/19 – 4/23
Week of 4/19 Monday, 4/19 and Tuesday, 4/20 Wednesday, 4/21 4/26 – 4/30
Week of 4/26 Monday, 4/26 and Tuesday, 4/27 Wednesday, 4/28 5/3 – 5/14
Week of 5/3 NO TESTING    
Week of 5/10
Monday, 5/10 and Tuesday, 5/11 Wednesday, 5/12 5/17 – 5/28
Week of 5/17 NO TESTING    
Week of 5/24
Monday, 5/24 and Tuesday, 5/25 Wednesday, 5/26 5/31 – 6/8 (last day of school)
Week of 5/31
Monday, 5/31 and Tuesday, 6/1 Wednesday, 6/2 6/3 – 6/8 (last day of school)

GSB Pooled Testing Procedure

Step 1 – Pick up a Kit

Lower School Students Middle School Students Upper School Students Faculty & Staff
Kits will be distributed before dismissal and placed in the student bags.  Kits will be distributed during homeroom.  Kits will be distributed during advisory.  Faculty & Staff kits will be distributed by admins in each division or building.

Kits include:

Saliva Collection Tub Saliva Straw Alcohol Wipe Tube Bag





Step 2 – Collect Saliva Sample

Do not spit until the morning of your test. For best results, please do not eat, drink, or brush teeth within 30 minutes of providing your sample. Do not use mouthwash two hours before collecting sample. Ideally, it is best to collect the saliva sample first thing in the morning. On the morning of your test, collect your saliva sample following these steps, or watch this video

To increase saliva production, you may wish to try:

  • Gently rubbing the outside of your cheeks
  • Making chewing motions with your mouth
  • Smelling or imagining sour foods such as lemons
  • Thinking about your own favorite food
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Open saliva straw pouch and remove saliva straw Unscrew tube cap and insert ridged end of saliva straw into tube Pool saliva in mouth and push saliva through straw into tube until half full Remove and discard saliva straw and securely cap tube Wipe tube with alcohol wipe, place into tube bag and seal Drop off the baggie at the designated location for your Division

Step 3 – Drop Off Your Sample

  • Wednesday between 7:15 and 7:45 a.m. for Faculty/Staff and Vendors 

  • Wednesday between 7:45 and 9:00 a.m. for All Students  

Drop off will take place during morning check-in at your typical check-in station. It must be dropped off before 9:00 a.m. on the designated collection day if you plan to be off campus. It may be dropped off by a parent. The bags must be labelled with the individual's name.   

For your reference, a detailed FAQ about COVID-19 testing at GSB follows. We believe that the testing of the GSB community will help us quickly identify, isolate and/or quarantine needs to stop further community spread.  

NOTE: Return only the filled collection tub.

FAQs About COVID-19 Testing