Gill St. Bernard's Financial Aid Philosophy

Gill St. Bernard’s School believes that a socio-economically diverse student body contributes to the positive spirit and climate of the whole school community and we are committed to supporting students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. We do not offer academic, athletic or artistic scholarships; all of our awards are need-based grants that do not require repayment. We define "need" as the difference between the total cost of attending Gill St. Bernard’s School (tuition and fees) and a family's ability to pay that cost, which is calculated through the family's financial aid application.
Need-based financial aid is awarded annually, and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed, as funds may vary and the family's finances may change. Families are required to submit applications annually. Many factors determine whether or not a family will qualify for need-based aid. We consider household income and expenses, assets and debt, as well as the number of children in a school that requires tuition when determining financial aid awards. We make every attempt to provide financial assistance for families who apply however, we do not have the ability to award need-based financial aid to every family who qualifies.

Applying for Financial Aid

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We partner with Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) in the financial aid process. To begin your financial aid application, you will complete the TADS application online and submit all supporting documents to TADS by February 15.

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  • November 1 you may begin the application

    November 1 you may begin the application process by going to
  • Create your online account

    Or, if you are a returning family, log in with the account information that you previously set up.
  • Begin an application for the following academic year

    You may log out of the application at any time and return later to complete it.
  • TADS will request supporting documentation

    Once you have submitted your application, TADS will request the required supporting documentation. You will need to submit these documents directly to TADS, not to Gill St. Bernard’s School. These documents will include but are not limited to:
    • Gill St. Bernard’s School Supplemental Questionnaire
    • Most recent W-2 statements
    • Most recent pay stub(s)
    • Most recent federal tax form(s)
    • Most recent corporate tax return, if applicable
    • Documentation for all other sources of income
    • Any 1099s
    • Form 4506-T, which enables the School to obtain a transcript of a family’s filed tax return
  • Submit Federal Income Tax Form(s) by February 15

    No financial aid award is final until the family has submitted their filed most recent Federal Income Tax Form 1040, including all schedules, to TADS for verification. The deadline for submission is February 15.
  • Financial aid decisions

    Financial aid applicants are notified of their financial aid decision in mid-March; newly admitted students receive their financial aid decision at the same time as their admission decision.
Once you have completed your application and submitted the required documents, TADS will submit a report to Gill St. Bernard’s School recommending an amount that families are able to contribute to their child’s education. The Financial Aid Committee makes its recommendation based upon this figure. The Financial Aid Committee will determine the amount awarded to each qualified applicant. All financial aid awards are re-evaluated annually.
"I cannot say enough about the atmosphere that GSB creates for its students and families. As an alumna and a parent at GSB, I am proud to say that GSB has continued to be a wonderful experience for me. More than just focusing on academics, GSB helps children grow into responsible, thoughtful, and inquisitive young people."
 - GSB parent from

Non-Discrimination Policy

Gill St. Bernard's School does not discriminate in the admission process, its scholarship programs or in the administration of its other programs or policies on the basis of characteristics or conditions, such as race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability not related to the requirements for being a successful student at Gill St. Bernard's School. In reaching admission or other decisions, Gill St. Bernard's School may consider conditions that it reasonably believes would adversely affect a student or prospective student’s ability to succeed at the school, taking into account any reasonable accommodations that would not materially alter the fundamental nature of Gill St. Bernard’s programs or services or place undue burden on the school.

Questions or Appeals

The Financial Aid Committee makes every effort to be fair, objective and equitable in their evaluation of applications for financial assistance.  Individual meetings with the Director of Admission and Financial Aid regarding the financial aid process are rarely granted. Alternately, in an effort to provide every family with an equal opportunity, we request that all questions regarding financial aid decisions are made in writing to the Director of Admission and Financial Aid. 
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