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Children at GSB:
'18, '22, '24

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About Me:

I am a mother of four kids, three of which have had the GSB experience. My three entered GSB in 7th grade, 6th grade, and 5th grade, and our experiences in the Middle School and the Upper School have been amazing. From academics, extra-curriculars, athletics, clubs, community service and student government, my kids have thrived on the many opportunities available.

In the Upper School, my children have been involved in Track & Field, Student Government, Blue Crew, community service, and various clubs. In the Middle School, they all played a variety of sports (basketball, baseball, soccer, T&F, XC, tennis), and were also involved in theater and a variety of clubs after school. I am involved in the Athletic Booster Club, the Parent-Admission Network (PAN), and the PA Steering Committee.

My favorite thing about Gill is the balance between academics and extra-curriculars. Kids are challenged with their academics and are still able to play sports, be in the play, join robotics, be a member of multiple clubs, find new interests that challenge them and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone, and grow as individuals.

Homecoming/Family Day is a favorite tradition of mine. To see our GSB Community outside of the classrooms all together with so much school spirit, families out enjoying the many athletic games on campus, the fun booths set up by the Upper School grades - including the dunk tank - the amazing lunch under the big tent, and the fun fall festivities set up for children of all ages... it is such a happy fall day to celebrate our amazing campus and GSB community.

For my GSB graduate who started in 7th grade, he spent the day shadowing a current student, and when I picked him up he was grinning from ear to ear and said, "Mom what do I have to do to come here? The teachers are amazing and I can't believe how they talked and listened to the students in my classes today." It was a no-brainer and life-changing for us.

We have stayed at Gill for so many reasons. There is the amazing sense of community like no other. The relationship between the teachers and students. The teachers care, will come in early, stay late... they want your child to succeed. They are motivating and engaging. Balance - the challenging academics coupled with the opportunities to be able to join a club, a team, something you may not ever have thought you would do. So many opportunities. It's an incredibly special place.

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