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Kara Ryan


Children at GSB:
'22, '24

Years at GSB:

About Me:

I am a stay-at-home mom who volunteers both at GSB as well with outside organizations in Morristown. I am a member of the Booster Club Board, Parent Admission Network, and have volunteered for many Parent Association events, specifically the Fashion Event. My children are active in the Upper School as members of multiple clubs. My 11th grader is involved with the Drama Program and runs Track. My 9th grader plays Soccer and Lacrosse.

The welcoming community at Gill is one of my favorite things about the school. Not knowing anyone the first year we started, I have since made many friends.

My favorite tradition at Gill is Turkey Day. Families donate frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving and the entire school gathers for fun activities to celebrate the day. My children love it!

A family friend mentioned Gill to us. My daughter actually took the initiative and looked into the school and asked us to consider sending her here. Once we learned about the school and visited the campus, we knew it was the best fit for our family.

The biggest reason we have stayed at Gill is the faculty. The teachers really care about the students and want to see the kids excel in their work and grow to be independent individuals. I have seen certain responsibilities shift from me as a parent to my children taking ownership of their work and meeting with teachers as needed. I do not doubt that my children will be fully prepared for college.

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