Gill St. Bernard's School takes pride in fostering a balanced life and education for all students. Opportunities abound for those at GSB to express themselves through the arts, participating in annual events and extended day programs, competing and learning via a wealth of extracurricular activities, and much more.

Upper School Clubs

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  • Academic League

    ADVISOR: Leo Janas
    Thursdays - Various Schools in Somerset County
    3:00 - 5:30/6:00

    Gill St. Bernard's is one of twelve high schools in Somerset County that belong to the Academic League. Students compete against other area schools in a quiz-bowl type format in approximately academic categories.
  • Admission Hosts and Tour Guides

    Student Hosts: A group of students (mostly 9th graders) who serve as hosts to visitors applying to the Upper School. Student Hosts play an important role in the application process by showing others what a day in the life is like at GSB.

    Tour Guides: A group of 10th-12th grade students who attend our fall Open Houses and show prospective families around campus. Tour Guides are able to convey important information about GSB and also share stories about their own experiences.
  • Blood Drive

    ADVISORS: Steve Rossi and PJ Brennan
    Wednesdays - Chapin 102

    The club promotes and organizes two blood drives within the academic year.

  • BSU - Building Stronger Unity

    ADVISOR: Tracey Barrett
    Tuesdays - Hockenbury 303

    The club promotes studen forums and conferences.

  • Chess Club

    ADVISOR: Ian Provost
    Thursdays - Chapin 115

    The club provides an opportunity to play chess, practice chess, and compete in tournaments as part of a GSB team.  Students and teachers who share this interest have the opportunity to meet. The Chess Club was first introduced in 2015, and last year members participate in the NJ State Grae Championship, the US Grade Championship (Florida), and the US Amateur.
  • Community Art Club

    ADVISOR: Sarah Isusi
    Wednesdays and Fridays - Founders Art Studio

    The Community Art Club provides opportunities to create collaborative projects based on themes that are installed in sight-specific locations throughout the campus.  Estimate that 2-3 projects are completed each year, and preparation for a winter-themed installation in the new SBS Pavilion Student Gallery is underway.
  • Debate Club

    ADVISOR: Kathleen Hiott
    Fridays - Hockenbury 301

    We debate issues that the students decide on in the beginning of the year.  Some typical topics that are debated include immigration, gun control, gene editing, school uniforms, and college vs. trade schools.
  • Environmental Club

    ADVISOR:  Steve Rossi and Courtney Ricca

    The club works to help make the GSB community aware of environmental changes and to get our community to do its part in reducing waste.
  • Ethics Club

    ADVISOR:  Kathleen Hiott
    Tuesdays - Hockenbury 301

    The club focuses its research and discussions on ethical dilemmas.
  • Fashion Club

    ADVISOR:  Margery Schiesswohl
    Tuesdays - Hockenbury 202

    This is a service club whose function is to provide donations/collections of clothing to organizations that provide these items to students in need. Some past events include a Halloween costume collection, winter coat drive, prom dress collection, and Cinderella's Closet.
  • Finance Club

    ADVISOR: Ian Prevost
    Tuesdays - Chapin 115

    Students interested in finance meet to discuss financial topics and news.  Students run mock brokerage accounts where they buy and trade stockes and compete as a GSB team.
  • Fishing Club

    ADVISOR:  Fernando Gomez
    Saturdays/Sundays - Home Winds or Local Waterways

    The Fishing Club is a great way to go out and experience all that the expansive Gill campus has to offer. The Fishing Club meets during the week in the fall and spring, usually at the Home Winds pond. Instruction is provided in knot-tying, casting, lure/bait selection, the importance of stealth, and humane catch and release. Students who participate in this club will learn about enjoying the outdoors, treating fish gently, and the importance of perseverance. In addition, fishing is a great antidote for everyday stress.
  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

    ADVISORS: Jared Ciocco, Paul Canada

    The club is affinity space for students to support each other and educate the community on issues related to the spectrum of sexual identities.
  • Gill For Diversity Club

    ADVISOR: Tracey Barrett
    Thursdays - Hockenbury 202

    The Gill for Diversity Club (GFD) is an Upper School leadership group of students who have attended various conferences and summits, participate in facilitation skills trainings and demonstrate an interest in working with other students on issues of diversity and social justice. Their mission is to educate their peers about issues concerning diversity and equity that affect the school community and the world as a whole. GFD meets every Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

    This past year, GFD has hosted several student forums focused on religious identity, body image, and race identity where students are provided the space to voice their perspectives in a respectful and meaningful environment.
  • Gill for Veterans

    ADVISOR: Steve Rossi
    Fridays - Chapin 102

    The club's purpose is to raise awareness and incorporate service opportunities at GSB that relate directly to America's heroes who suffer from PTSD and other mental and physical disabilities.
  • Hands for the Ande

    ADVISOR: Ana LaTournous
    Tuesdays - Founders Room 4

    The club works to support the 150+ orphan children and 100+ senior citizens who live in three orphanages and one senior home in the poverty-stricken and remote region of Ayacucho, Peru.
  • Literary Magazine

    ADVISOR: Andrew Lutz
    Tuesdays and Fridays - Hockenbury 305

    The club provides a safe, laboratory space for the development of ideas and writing. Club members manage, construct, and edit an annual literary magazine featuring fiction, poety, and art work.

    Read the latest issue!
  • Math League

    ADVISOR: Anita Kurisko
    Tuesdays or Thursdays - Chappin 101

    Club members enter competitions as part of a GSB team, practice interesting math problems, and spend time with other students who enjoy math.
  • Mock Trial

    ADVISORS: Margery Schiesswohl and Christine Chan
    Tuesdays and Thursdays - Hockenbury 303/202

    Now in its 26th year, Mock Trial is one of the older clubs at the school. The club is led by multiple faculty members who help prepare students for the New Jersey Mock Trial Competition. Students hone their skills on creating opening statements, establishing lines of questioning, and closing arguments. This is a great club for students who are interested in law, legal process, or government. The club runs from late September to February.
  • Model UN

    ADVISORS: Carrie Grabowki and Candace Pryor Brown
    Thursdays - After Advisory

    Model UN meets weekly to help prepare students to attend and participate in the Model UN Conferences.  The Model UN experience helps students to understand the geographical workd, learn how to collaborate with others, and to negotiate for a positive result. In 2016, the club won Outstanding Small Delegation at the Philadelphia Model UN.
  • One Drop at a Time

    One Drop at a Time
    ADVISOR - Mr. Cascini
    Throughout the School year
    One Drop at a Time is a club that helps protect the wildlife in the ocean, mainly those animals affected in oil spills and plastic pollution. The club meets to figure out community service initiatives that can be done to help better the environment for animals in our oceans and to spread awareness about safer eco-friendly practices. 

  • Podcast

    ADVISORS: Jared Ciocco, Mark Signorelli, and Margery Schiesswohl
    Thursdays - Hockenbury 308

    This club is designed as a student-run podcast highlighting different areas of student life.  Students organize, perform, and edit each final podcast.
  • Podcast Club

    ADVISOR: Jared Ciocco

    This club produces the official GSB Knight Nation podcast.
  • Reading Buddies

    Reading Buddies is one of the most interactive clubs that is offered at Gill. The program pairs Upper School students with Lower School students, with the older students reading to the younger ones and working with them on a range of activities that connect to the stories read. The main goals of the club are to encourage reading in the Lower School and create a bond between Upper School and Lower School students. The students meet at the Lower School every other Wednesday throughout the school year. It is one of the most popular clubs in the Upper School.
  • Robotics

    ADVISORS: Hayley Katz and Carrie Johnson

    "Team Chaos?" you ask. "What kind of name is that for a robotics team?" Well, our nominal meaning is twofold. First, our team works in a sense of organized chaos. Every year the FIRST Robotics Competition releases a new game, and we have just six weeks to understand it and use our knowledge to build and code the best possible robot that will compete well in said game. We are constantly preparing for the FIRST Robotics Competition every way we can, covering all the basics: programming, mechanical, and strategy are just a few of the duties we work on. Another chaotic factor that makes it more accessible to be part of the team is the fact that in addition to having our core work squad, we allow people to drop in whenever they can make it. This way, students who have busy schedules or simply do not know much about robots in general can still experience the team setting, allowing them to gently ease their way into the field of robotic engineering. Finally, we're called Team Chaos because while we are always there with help and support for other robotics teams with FIRST's expected gracious professionalism, on the field we are the dominating chaotic factor the opposing alliance was never expecting us to be. Visit the club's website at
  • Ski Club

    ADVISORS: Robert Ort, Cos Arnett, Francesco Mazzotta
    Fridays - Camelback Mountain, PA

    Ski Club meets on Fridays throughout the months of January and February at Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania. Participants depart campus at 3:30 p.m. and return to school by 10:00 p.m.  It is an opportunity to practice and improve ones competence in winter sports.  Both snow boarders and skiers are welcome at all skill levels and instruction/rental equipment is available.  There is an important social/community aspect, as well.
  • Social Committee

    ADVISOR: Brittany Casser and Christine Chan
    Tuesdays - Founders 3 or Hockenbury 303

    The club helps plan, organize, and generate excitement for the two main social events of the school year: 9th & 10th dance and prom.
  • Sports Debate

    ADVISORS: Deepack Bhagat and Fred Corona
    Wednesdays and Thursdays - Todd Quad

    The purpose of the club is to discuss current events in sports.
  • Student Government

    Student Government is comprised of a President (senior) and Vice-President (junior) along with three representatives from each grade level. The group meets on a weekly basis throughout the year to plan events, discuss student life, and meet with members of the administration. Throughout the years, student government has been instrumental in providing input on student life, as all members are encouraged to be advocates for their respective classes. 
  • TEDx

    ADVISOR:  Brendan Flanagan

    In the past, GSB alternated hosting a TEDx event in collaboration with Blair Academy. Seven students shared presentations during the February 2019 event. This year's club details and format are currently under construction.
  • The Fourth Estate Online Newspaper

    ADVISOR: Shari Poticny
    Wednesdays - Hockenbury 307

    Members practice writing through journalism, and they advocate and communicate school activities.

Literary Magazine

Knight Nation Podcast

TedX 2019 Presentations

Team Chaos: GSB Robotics

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