Senior Experience

No class in the recent history of Gill St. Bernard’s has had to persevere more than the class of 2021. Navigating the high school years during a global pandemic challenged the class in ways unimagined. There is no doubt that the Class of 2021 will forever be remembered for their resiliency during such trying times.

For a group that has been socially distanced for much of the year, the 2021 Spring Unit will seek to bring our seniors together one final time. Over the course of four days, all members of the Class of 2021 will enjoy a shared experience – The Senior Experience!

The Senior Experience will see the Class of 2021 work together in community service projects, reflect on their high school years, hear guest speakers relevant to their impending transition to college, enjoy a day together at an amusement park, and attend the typical senior traditions that mark the culmination of their years at Gill St. Bernard’s. The Unit will serve as a celebration of achievement, perseverance, and community.

Tuesday, June 1 – A Day of Transition (Speaker Series)

  • Personal Finance
  • High School to College – What to Expect
  • The College Library
  • Self Defense
  • Mental Health
  • Extra-Curricular Opportunities
  • And more!

Also, on this day, the Class of 2021 will begin work on a time capsule, chronicling their experiences during the unprecedented times in which they attended GSB.

Wednesday, June 2 – A Day of Giving

  • In small groups, students will plan and execute service projects to assist those in need in the local community.
  • A ceremony will be held in which the Class of 2021 will bury their time capsule to be unearthed by a future generation of Gill St. Bernard’s students.

Thursday, June 3 – A Day of Celebration

  • Students will visit Dorney Park for a day of amusement park fun and relaxation!

Friday, June 4 – A Day of Preparation

  • Graduation Rehearsal
  • Senior Luncheon
  • Yearbook Distribution
  • Locker Cleanout