Lower School

Lower School technology instruction occurs in and out of the classroom. Homeroom and related arts teachers support cross-curricular connections that integrate the use of technology as a vital tool to facilitate age-appropriate learning. Students build a strong foundation in computer and technology skills in a variety of ways.

Areas of study include project-based learning, research skills, digital citizenship, keyboarding, file and network navigation, coding, publication design, and presentations.

All Lower School students participate in the Hour of Code™ to celebrate Computer Science Education Week in December. This event launches the programming unit of study, which includes both online and offline activities and introduces the fundamentals of computer science and coding.

Middle School

Middle School technology skills are integrated throughout the curriculum and are designed in collaboration with core subject teachers. Beginning in fifth grade, students focus on mastering introductory computer skills including basic productivity applications. More sophisticated digital literacy skills are introduced each year thereafter.

In technology classes, students design web pages, develop multimedia presentations, produce digital films, and write research papers. Digital citizenship and coding/programming skills are integrated into the technology program, as well as more specialized skills, such as computer aided design (CAD)/3D printing and robotics.

All students take a Makerspace/STEM class once per week, which is an area for students to create, design, tinker and experiment with science, engineering, and art. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity through hands-on projects designed for individual and teamwork.

Upper School

Upper School Computer Science elective courses introduce students to computational problem solving. In addition, students gain a deeper understanding of computer-based technology, software, and hardware.

The curriculum includes courses for all students, from those who wish to pursue a career in computer science to those who want to express their artistic and creative talents through digital media, to those that just want a deeper understanding of technology and its impact on our world.

GSB Technology Framework

In keeping with Gill St. Bernard’s core values, particularly Integrity and Respect, we are committed to using technology responsibly and ethically to further our academic programs. We carefully curate educational technology tools to ensure they meet a standard of developmental appropriateness, provide sufficient safeguards for student privacy and safety, and supplement our curriculum well.

The tools listed below are those students can expect to have to create an account for at various points throughout their time at Gill St. Bernard’s School. The school has accepted the Terms of Service provided here; by enrolling your student at GSB, you are providing consent for your student to use these tools for educational purposes. Further digital tools may be used in the classroom but will not require students to create accounts. Please check back here frequently, as this list is updated throughout the school year.

View Our Full EdTech Tools Framework

Technology Department Objectives

  • Design and implement computer-based solutions to problems in a variety of application areas
  • Use and implement well-established algorithms and data structures
  • Develop and select appropriate computer strategies to solve problems
  • Code fluently in various computer languages
  • Read and understand large programs consisting of interacting objects
  • Identify the major hardware and software components of a computer system, their relationship to one another and the roles of these components within the system
  • Recognize the ethical and social implications of computer use


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