Student Support

In keeping with our school’s mission to provide a balanced curriculum that prepares students academically, socially, and ethically for college and a meaningful life, learning support at GSB is an integral part of every student’s experience. We hold students to college preparatory expectations of learning, and we believe that all students, regardless of learning profile/difference, can meet those expectations. GSB‘s faculty and staff are highly qualified in their fields and work with students to demonstrate understanding and an advanced level of mastery in each discipline. In addition to dedicated faculty and advisors, students and families have access to experts in learning resources, mental health, and health services. This team includes the Directors of Learning Support, School Counselors, nurses, reading specialists, and health and wellness teachers. Together, with division directors, deans, and faculty, this group strives to support all students in meeting the high expectations we have in our college preparatory program.

Beginning in early childhood and carrying through fourth grade, the Lower School program supports the development of a strong academic foundation for all students.

In each classroom, grade-level experts provide targeted and personalized instruction in all disciplines. When classroom teachers recognize that students need additional support, they utilize the expertise of our student support team.

The team, which includes the Director of Learning Support, reading specialist, learning support teacher, classroom teachers, and division director, meet biweekly to discuss all students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical progress. From these meetings, the team designs personalized student support.   

The Middle School program solidifies the foundation laid by the Lower School and guides students towards new academic, social, emotional, and physical challenges. The student support team meets biweekly to discuss students and their growth.

Through the Seminar Course and Advisory Program, the fifth grade focuses on building independent habits of study skills, organization, time management, and test-taking.

All middle school students are encouraged to seek help from teachers in Study Hall. When faculty recognize that a student needs additional resources, the Director of Learning Support works with families to develop a support plan. 

To ensure that our students meet and exceed the rigorous expectations that lead to success in college and beyond, Upper School student support focuses on student skill development.

All students receive general support through the 9th Grade Seminar Course and personal support from their teachers and academic advisors.

When students need more targeted support as they take on more challenging coursework, daily meeting periods provide students time to seek out their teachers. If a student needs support above and beyond these systems, advisors facilitate meetings between the student and members of the student success team—which may include his or her teacher(s), advisor, parents, the Director of Learning Support, counselors, and the Division Director as appropriate.

Our Directors of Learning Support:

  • Support and help train our faculty as they strive to differentiate their curricula to meet the needs of all students.
  • Provide consultation, updated research, and understanding of best practices for student support.
  • Help students better understand themselves as learners by identifying and addressing their areas of academic strength and growth.
  • Provide feedback on learning strategies, developing strong organizational habits, and effective ways to seek teacher support.
  • Serve as resources for parents as they explore how to better support their child at home.

When do you contact a Director of Learning Support? 

In addition to your child’s homeroom teacher or faculty advisor, a Director of Learning Support is an appropriate person to contact if, as a parent, you have a concern about your child’s academic progress. If your child needs specialized support, the Director of Learning Support may provide an appropriate referral to an outside professional, service provider, or evaluator.

What resources does the Director of Learning Support provide? 

The Director of Learning Support serves as a resource for parents—to answer questions about supporting learning at home and recommend books/articles that can help support all levels of learners. The Director of Learning Support also provides referrals for one-on-one professional help in specific areas of concern, including tutoring and enrichment activities. The Director of Learning Support also informs the faculty about the latest research on student needs and learning, consults with teachers about learning concerns, and develops support strategies for students.


  • We hold students to college preparatory expectations of learning, and believe that all students regardless of learning profile/difference can meet those expectations  
  • In the process of teaching and learning there will be time where more specific support is needed, and GSB faculty and staff may provide that – teachers and learning support staff

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