Early Childhood Program: Preschool, Prekindergarten, and Kindergarten

The Early Childhood program at Gill St. Bernard’s is designed to provide a nurturing environment that encourages curiosity, inspires exploration, and builds a strong foundation in language and mathematical concepts. 

Students engage in hands-on learning activities, foster social-emotional skills, develop fine and gross motor skills in the classroom and out on the playground. Daily PE and recess provide students with ample opportunity to practice these skills. 

GSB’s Early Childhood curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the young child.

Play is a key component along with the scaffolding of teaching young minds the sounds and symbols of our language in preparation for reading. Math lessons are designed to build a child’s full understanding number sense. Manipulatives are a critical component in teaching math concepts, and a multi-sensory approach to teaching reading and math is equally important.

In Preschool and Prekindergarten, students explore letter-sound relationships as they begin to build the foundational practices necessary for reading. The Preschool program is grounded in the Creative Curriculum, and our Prekindergarten program includes the foundations of Singapore Math, Writing Workshop, and the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction, which form the core of our programming in Grades One through Four.

Beginning in Kindergarten, the reading specialist works with every kindergartener to reinforce and introduce strategies for decoding and comprehension. This personalized approach meets every child where he or she is at and helps to prepare them for the next level of reading development. 

Our Philosophy

We provide an academically and socially balanced preschool experience that prepares our children to thrive in elementary school. Our program is play-based with individual and small group academic instruction, intentionally interwoven to ensure each child is appropriately challenged and supported as they develop early cognitive skills.

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A Place to Grow and Explore

We believe the world is our classroom and, for our youngest students, this means visits to our garden and farm and daily outdoor play. Our farm manager brings chicks, lambs, goats, and other animals from our farm to visit the students as part of their animal study.

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Social & Emotional Curriculum

Friends and Feelings is a social-emotional curriculum, taught by the school counselor, to foster awareness of self and others and develop the skills needed to build lifelong friendships, which are aligned with our school's core values. This includes accepting and celebrating differences and similarities, respect, cooperation, problem-solving, and empathy. 

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Signature Programming

Our Faculty

Our faculty is comprised of experienced Preschool, Prekindergarten, and Kindergarten teachers who are warm and nurturing. They are deeply knowledgeable about early childhood education, including child development, curriculum, and instruction. Our teachers carefully prepare the classroom environment and the schedule of activities with the right balance of academic and social-emotional learning.