Related Arts Programs

Exploring a wide range of creative outlets helps children grow mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The GSB Lower School Related Arts program is comprised of specialized teachers in Art, Library, Music, Science, Spanish, PE, and Technology that serves as an important complement to our Lower School curriculum. These full-time teachers implement projects that not only allow students the chance to explore through play, but also reinforce key learning skills to aid in their academic growth. 

Visual Arts

The Lower School Arts program provide students with the fine-motor skills and creative understanding to express themselves with greater confidence through a range of art forms. In their classes, students work with pencils, paint, fiber, recycled materials, collage, and other media in our Lower School Art Studio. As students mature, they work independently to discover their own artistic styles and more fully incorporate their understanding of form and technique. 


Lower Schoolers experience the joy of music as they play classroom instruments, develop their singing voices, and learn many forms of musical compositions. In their classes, students work with our teachers to explore the foundations of music theory while also learning about classic composers and music from around the world.

Students host families in a series of choral concerts and piano recitals throughout the year to demonstrate what they've learned in the classroom. Signature Lower School performances include the Winter Holiday Choral Concert, Piano Recitals, and the Spring Music Concert.


Lower School Spanish is a comprehensive exploratory program for all Lower School students that builds in complexity by grade level. While students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, they are also introduced to the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world to gain a deeper understanding of cultures around the globe. Throughout the year, the Spanish program connects with homerooms and other Related Arts programs to create expansive and meaningful projects that engages the entire Lower School community.

Science & Place-Based Learning

The Lower School science curriculum centers on showing students how to safely explore and investigate the natural world. By integrating place-based learningour Lower School Science program facilitates critical thinking while developing a strong foundation in scientific and engineering practices. 

The abundant resources of our 208-acre campus are thoughtfully integrated into the curriculum. Beyond the classroom, Lower School Science lessons bring students to the garden, apple orchards, greenhouse, farm, apiary, pond, streams, playground, and fields to conduct experiments and see real-life examples of scientific concepts.

Library & Technology

The Lower School Library houses over 6,000 volumes of books for our young readers. Each class visits the library weekly to select books and to take part in library lessons. The space is open five days a week during school hours and our library team hosts several special events throughout the year, including Read Across America and our annual school book fairs.

Technology is a vital tool in facilitating learning across academic subjects. In addition to weekly Technology sessions, our Homeroom teachers coordinate with Related Arts teachers to help students utilize age-appropriate technology to enhance learning, promote digital safety and literacy, strengthen research skills, and learn the fundamentals of computer science and coding.

Physical Education

Our physical education program teaches the importance of cooperation through skill development, games, and athletic activities. Physical education classes meet five times each week and emphasize the development of gross-motor control skills through running, jumping, throwing, catching, and other activities that enable students to develop body and spatial awareness. Students also build balance, endurance, flexibility, and stability.


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