Our Philosophy

Our Lower School complements the developmental strengths of young learners, giving form to their innate desire to explore and discover the world around them. Guided by their natural curiosity and sense of wonder, children learn the academic skills and habits to bring their questions to life, establishing the framework for a lifetime of learning and purposeful engagement.

Our teachers bring a profound respect for children, a deep understanding of child development, and a thorough grounding in best practices to fill each student’s day with rich and rewarding learning experiences. Whether in the classroom, Tinker Space, or outdoors on our beautiful 208-acre campus, learning is joyful, inquiry-driven, frequently collaborative, and always inspiring. Our students love to come to school, surrounded by a warm and supportive community, they gain the confidence and sense of belonging that are essential preludes to learning and growth.

Because each child’s learning journey is distinct, a combination of individual, small-group and whole-class instruction allows us to tailor each student’s learning and ensure that students remain engaged and appropriately challenged. Because our faculty collaborate among grade levels and subject areas, students transition easily and with confidence from one grade to the next. In addition, teachers partner with parents to achieve a fuller understanding of each student and ways to better guide and support development, learning, and overall well-being.

We also offer a range of after-school programs, the which are led by experts in various fields. Whether children are rehearsing a musical, learning to cook, building a robot or planting in the garden—they have the chance to create, collaborate, move around and simply have fun while learning something new.

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Physical Education in the Lower School

The Association for Physical Education maintains that high-quality PE fosters physical, moral, social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual development.

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Social & Emotional Learning

Research suggests that children who develop strong social skills are more likely to thrive in school, in their chosen careers, and throughout their lives.

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