After School

Extended Day

We provide after-school and extended-day programs until 5:45 p.m. for children in Preschool through Grade Four. Children may participate in a range of supervised indoor and outdoor activities or simply spend time reading or completing their homework with a faculty member in our quiet study area. At the end of each academic day, children have outdoor play time and a snack (provided by the school) before they settle into their various after-school activities. Supplemental fees apply and vary by program.

After-School Enrichment Programs

Available for a supplemental fee, our after-school enrichment programs offer instruction in the arts, athletics, design thinking, music, science, drama, yoga, and more.

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Social & Emotional Learning

Research suggests that children who develop strong social skills are more likely to thrive in school, in their chosen careers, and throughout their lives.

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When does the day start and end? Where do I drop off my child in the morning? What is the average class size? 

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