Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School!

Our Lower School students are joyful, actively engaged learners who thrive working with experienced teachers. The curriculum is challenging, flexible, and designed to keep bodies and minds active as students build their skills and broaden their understanding and appreciation of the world, the community, and themselves. Our students understand that learning happens when they go beyond what is comfortable and take risks, and they are fortunate to be able to take those risks in a community built on kindness.

Our Philosophy

Guided by their natural curiosity and sense of wonder, children establish the framework for a lifetime of learning.

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Capstone Experiences 

Our Early Childhood production of The Nutcracker and an all-school Biome Museum bring together work from across subject areas and grade levels with a myriad of opportunities for building student leadership.

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Social & Emotional Learning

An essential piece of our curriculum, values of acceptance, compassion, and kindness are purposefully modeled and taught.

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Serious About Play

Play is serious business, and our students move, explore, interact, and they make connections and, as a result, they love learning.

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Why PE Every Day

The role that PE plays as part of the broader academic curriculum is profound. It actively fosters the physical, moral, social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual development of students.

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After School

Our after-school programs extend the school day with academic, enrichment, and interest-based activities.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Lower School.

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Spotlight: Sarah Schultz

Sarah grew up in a household with phenomenal educators, including her mom, who taught second grade in Chester for 33 years. With her mom as her educational role model, she also learned the importance of communicating with parents and maintaining a healthy balance between work and family.

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Distance Learning Program

Our distance learning program provides opportunities for virtual connection, collaboration, and exploration. Faculty and students work together using a variety of online media tools for synchronous and asynchronous instruction, which fosters success in both independent and shared learning experiences.

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Lower & Middle School Director

Kyle Armstrong serves as the Director of Lower & Middle Schools. He holds more than 20 years of experience working in independent schools. Prior to joining GSB, he was Associate Head for Academics for a K-8 independent school. He also has experience as a history teacher, baseball and basketball coach, and eighth-grade team leader.

Mr. Armstrong holds an M.A. from Lesley College in Massachusetts, and a B.A. in History from Trinity College in Connecticut. Kyle’s wife, Kristen, is GSB’s Upper School Librarian. They have two children at Gill.

Director's Blog

Mr. Kyle Armstrong, Lower & Middle School Division Director, shares his thoughts and experiences with our community.

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