The three division-level libraries at Gill are hubs for inquiry, research, and collaboration.

Our librarians work closely with content-area teachers to reinforce information literacy and digital literacy. In addition, Gill librarians teach advanced and innovative research techniques, and all our students annually complete significant, grade-appropriate, research projects. Finally, our libraries are great places to simply find and read a good book.

Lower School

Our youngest learners develop foundational, age-appropriate, research skills through project-based and thematic units on engaging topics, including fairy tales, the four seasons, habitats and cultural settings. These assignments increase a student's capacity for collaboration, self-directed learning and social interaction.

Middle School

Students expand their use of the library and their research skills in the Merke Learning Commons, a blend of books, online resources and tools for project-based learning. The library shares a door with the Makerspace, which supports classroom assignments and projects. Taught by teams of librarians and teachers, students learn to become effective researchers and writers, while also becoming better collaborators, problem-solvers, and strategic thinkers.

Upper School

The Upper School library provides resources to support academic coursework and independent research. Our librarians are on hand to offer research assistance, help students find online materials, or simply recommend a good book. As part of the academic curriculum, ninth-grade students complete a guided-inquiry research project, establishing a solid foundation for extensive research assignments in subsequent years, including the tenth-grade humanities paper, the eleventh-grade science research paper, and twelfth-grade collaborative projects.