The Board of Trustees is a self-perpetuating group of alumni, past parents, parents, and friends of the school whose primary charge is to safeguard the mission of the school and ensure its financial stability.

They are fiduciaries of the whole, collectively responsible for the welfare of the school, along with the Head of School. Trustees give generously of their time, talents, and treasure to further the best interests of the school. Focused on "the view from 10,000 feet," they are not involved in the daily operational issues, including program and personnel matters.

Board of Trustees

Rajiv De Silva P '21, '25

Matthew Harding '81


Vice Chair
Jeff Lager '86

Elizabeth Fucci P '17

Board Diversity Statement

The Gill St. Bernard’s Board of Trustees supports a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable community that celebrates diversity of culture, experiences, perspectives, and expression.

We will continue to affirm the importance of inclusiveness and belonging among our students, our faculty, our staff, and our families. We value a community that embraces, and is strengthened by a broad range of talent, interests, lived experiences, and cultural representations, all of which enhance our understanding and appreciation for the GSB community and the world around us.

We celebrate a learning environment that encourages conversation across perspectives, and a curriculum that supports diverse points of view that enrich inquiry, deepen knowledge, promote growth, and prepare students with cross-cultural skills necessary to engage in an ever-changing and connected world.

We support, through intentional and ongoing engagement, the creation of a kind, empathetic, and equitable community that respects and honors all aspects of what makes each individual unique to ensure that everyone has access to a positive GSB experience.

GSB Community

Standing:  Lee Amoroso, Elizabeth Fucci, Rajiv De Silva, Ashok Vemuri, Sandi Niccolai, Antoinette Segreto, Dr. Andrea Freeman

Seated: John Coates, Emily Maillet Kellogg, Marcella Criscola, Doug Matthews, Sid Rowell, Mike Petillo, Laura Brucker, Dr. Haresh Kane

Not Pictured: Sara Ash Kenefick, Keisha Audain-Pressley, Ray Conger, Tom Fischer, Matthew Harding, Jeff Lager, Brenda Liberti, Steve Polachi, Reema Puri, Reverend Dr. Paul Saddler 

Board Members

Sara Ash Kenefick '08

Keisha Audain-Pressley P '25

Laura Brucker P '22, '23

John Coates P’ 26, P ‘27

Ray Conger '03

Rajiv De Silva P '21, '25

Tom Fischer P '16

Dr. Andrea Freeman '95

Elizabeth Fucci P '17

Michael Golden P ’99, ’02

Elizabeth Gustafson P '20, '22

Matthew Harding '81

Dr. Haresh Kane P’ 29, P’ 34

Jeff Lager '86

Brenda Liberti P '24, '26

Emily Maillet Kellogg P '29

Sandi Niccolai P '16

Mike Petillo P ’26, P ‘27

Reema Puri P ’19, '21

Rev. Dr. Paul Saddler '69

Antoinette Segreto P '32, '32

Ashok Vemuri P '19, P '22

Honorary Trustees

Brandon Clark P '02, '06

Bill Conger P '03

Sam Corliss

Ann Drzik P '17

Gia Dunn P '12, '14, '16

Richard Emmitt P '02

Caroline Evans Jones '78

Nelson Ferreira P '12, '14

John Frantz, P '22, '24, '27

Michael Fritzlo P '19, 21

Don Fuentes P '14, '16

Michael Golden

Judy Fulton Higby '65

John Howard P '17, '21

Adrienne Kirby P '09, '13

Rose Kirk P '18

Michael Mandelbaum

Richard Markham P '11, '12

Mark Mazzatta, P '21, '23

Mary McNamara

Linda Moore

Edmond Moriarty, III P '11, '14, '16, '22

Patty Hallett Muchmore '66

Ebie Nametz P '03, '09

Ellen Nardoni

James O'Connor, P '21, '21

Robert O’Leary P '11

Preston Pinkett III

John Raymonds, P '21

Marianne Saladino P '14, P '16

Robert Sameth Jr. '89, P '25, '25, '27

Vlad Torgovnik P '16, '21, '26

Janine Udoff P '16, '17, '21, '23

Michael Weinstein '87

Karen Young P '21, '21 '25

The Board of Visitors is a group of community leaders, former trustees, and friends of Gill St. Bernard's School. They gather once a year to discuss issues of importance to the school, sharing their wisdom and experiences. In recent years they have examined school safety, town/gown relations, and sustainability.

Board of Visitors

Mr. Brandon Clark

Mr. Sam Corliss

Mr. Michael Golden

The Honorable Thomas Kean

Mrs. Blair MacInnes

Mr. Ed Matthews

Ms. Linda Moore