Why choose Gill St. Bernard’s School? Here are seven great reasons:


More than just a tagline or an aspiration our mission: to provide a balanced, diverse, and secure community that prepares students academically, socially, and ethically, for college and a meaningful life, is a living reflection of who we are and the values that inform our daily lives.

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Core Values

Our core values of courage, integrity, respect, compassion, and excellence inform the day-to-day interactions that shape our lives; they help make GSB the engaging, connected, and welcoming community that it is.

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If we had to choose a single word to capture the spirit of Gill St. Bernard’s, it would be balance. It’s the difference between being challenged and being pushed, the difference between healthy competition and a win-at-any-cost attitude, the difference between exploring your interests and ticking off boxes for a college application. It’s balance, and it matters.

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Collegiate-Style Campus

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the US, but our campus sits in the heart of 208-rolling acres. It’s a beautiful place to learn and grow, to feel secure and inspired.

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Process Over Product

When you are engaged, informed, and part of the conversation, achievement naturally follows. Whether discussing literature around the Harkness table, releasing trout into a campus stream, or visiting the former site of the Berlin Wall, you will become the best, most confident, smartest version of yourself.

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Surprise Yourself

At Gill St. Bernard’s, you will discover at least one passion that you wouldn’t have imagined on the first day of school. Our teachers give you the encouragement, perspective, and support—not simply to tackle challenging coursework—but to take healthy risks and pursue new interests. Opportunities for learning and exploration abound. Don’t be content to map out your future. Discover it.

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Be Yourself

It is not uncommon to see a varsity athlete in the choir, or a member of the robotics team writing for our literary magazine. Whatever your unique gifts, there is a place for them at GSB. There is no such thing as a typical GSB student, and there is no limit to who you can become.

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Why Preschool Through 12?

Gill St. Bernard’s is one of only a handful of independent, college-preparatory schools in New Jersey to offer preschool through grade 12 on a single campus. For our youngest learners, our 208-acre campus is a place of aspiration, with its gardens, ponds, streams, and a working farm— it is tailor made for students to begin exploring the larger world outside of the classroom. As Middle School is a time of tremendous emotional, physical, and social growth, being in an environment that gives them a sense of continuity, familiarity, and security is invaluable. And, as students transition into the Upper School, they have acquired the social, emotional, and intellectual tools necessary for success and to fully embrace the world as their classroom.

A sense of place and of community are preludes to exploration and growing independence. Our campus and curriculum provide each student with the continuity to foster confidence, growth, and healthy risk-taking. Whether they are here for 15 years or for three, our students know that Gill St. Bernard’s will always feel like home, and this gives them the clarity and confidence to explore a world of possibility.


GSB welcomes applications from students who demonstrate academic potential and who are deemed likely to benefit from and contribute to the GSB community.

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We are committed to building a community of talented, passionate, creative, and thoughtful students from a diverse range of backgrounds independent of financial circumstances.

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Our Curriculum

Our community of learners value the contributions, perspectives, and talents that each student and faculty member bring to campus.

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