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Contact Us

Gill St. Bernard's 
St. Bernard's Road
Gladstone, New Jersey 07934 

Mailing Address: Please use "PO Box 604"

*GPS Directions
Different GPS models find our school in different ways. If a street number is necessary, use 25 St. Bernard's Road - this will place you opposite one of the school's entrances. Additionally, some GPS models require the town to be entered as Far Hills rather than Gladstone.

Absence/Tardy Hotline: 908-734-1120
Middle School Study Hall: 908-413-7607
Extended Day (4:00-6:00 p.m.): 908-413-7588
Athletic Hotline: 908-734-1109

Upper School Fax: 908-234-2496
Middle School Fax: 908-234-1863
Lower School Fax: 908-719-8865

Headmaster - Sidney A. Rowell 
Director of Admission and Financial Aid - Sarah Rowland

Director, Upper School - Susan Petrone
Director, Middle School - Kyle Armstrong
Director, Lower School - Honor Taft
Director of Studies - Irene Mortensen
Director of College Guidance - Kerri Ann Small
Director of Academic Technology - Michael Chimes
Director of External Affairs - James Diverio
Director of Communications & Marketing - Allyson Daly
Dean of Student Life - David Pasquale
Athletic Director - Tim Davis
Business Manager - Stephen Graham

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